The answer is yes. Locksmiths can make a key without the original by giving use to a few different methods that, despite their complexity, are guaranteed to return a copy of your key without the need of the original.

Can a locksmith make a key without the original?

Have you ever got in front of your home’s front door only to find out you have no key in your pocket, no key in your bag, no key lost somewhere in a purse? You’re at your front door but have lost your key.
Despite the issue of being locked out, it can be fixed – just get in contact with a locksmith and get a copy of the spare key. What if there’s no spare key at all? How will you get a new set of keys if you just lost the only one you had? Your first thought might be that you’ll have to break the lock, which will compromise your home security, especially if this happens after business hours. But perhaps a new question might arise: can a locksmith make a key without the original?

How does a locksmith make the key without the original?

If you don’t have the original key to a lock, a locksmith can make you a new one to lock by hand without the original. Locksmiths have developed a few different, adaptable methods that allow them to make you a new key without the need for the original key.

The methods are the following:

Cut the key to code

A key code is a set of characters that links a key to a specific lock. Within the key code, there’s the blind code and the bitting code. The locksmith will focus on the bitting code, which is the translation of the blind code used by the locksmith to cut each blank key.
Experienced locksmiths may be able to figure out a bitting code from looking at a picture of the key alone. However, this method isn’t the solution for all locks. More often than not, the key code isn’t going to be on the lock itself but rather on the original key. When that happens, this method is obsolete.

Impression the lock

This is a non-destructive method of creating a working key for a lock, which is why it’s often locksmiths’ preferred method. For this one, locksmith inserts a key blank into the lock and then jiggles the key back and forth so that the bound pins within the cylinder make tender marks along the key blade.

Disassemble the lock

This is the go-to method when the prior two methods mentioned don’t work. The gist of this method is that locksmiths disassemble the lock to gain access to the pins in the cylinder. Thus, the locksmith will be able to access the internal components and pins within the cylinder and make a working key.

Final notes

Locksmiths can make keys without the original by using three different methods. It’s always important to contact a locksmith so the lock isn’t destroyed and the key is correctly made.
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If you ever find yourself in need of a key after having lost the original, contact a locksmith and see which method suits your lock better.