Generally speaking, re-keying is arguably easier and cheaper than changing locks in Oxford. However, the decision of whether to get new locks or to have a locksmith rekey the old ones has much to do with what you need. If you’ve lost your key or have a faulty lock, a locksmith can advise you on the best option.

It can be tricky to choose between changing locks and having a locksmith rekeying your locks. There are a few things to have in mind when considering this, such as price, complexity, and, most importantly, home security. Have you come to a point in which you have to choose between one and the other, but you don’t know what the option that better suits your case is?
Keep reading to find out more because we’ll address the key points about both options.

Locksmith or new locks – what’s the best choice?

The answer to whether you should rekey your lock or change locks isn’t a short one because it depends entirely on what the situation is.

Often, the locksmith will advise rekeying the locks because a lot of people are unaware of that option, which is the easiest and cheapest one. However, the locksmith needs to evaluate the situation and then advise you on what’s best.

Try to understand what the most adequate choice for your house is. There’s a tool that can help you with that process: United Locksmith’s set of guiding questions. Try and answer the following questions, which should get you closer to the best option:

• Are you completely satisfied with your locks?
• Have you lost your keys recently?
• Do you want to change locks for security purposes?
• What’s your budget?
• Do you need a lock upgrade?
• Has your home been broken into recently?
• Are you moving into a new home?

Re-keying locks

To rekey locks, the locksmith replaces the pins and springs in the lock cylinder by new ones that work with a new, different key.
Rekeying is an excellent option if you’ve lost your key, as a locksmith can make a new key without the original or moved into a new house – as long as the lock hasn’t any malfunctions.
The only charged components are the key pins, which are quite cheap, meaning that this process is very inexpensive, especially when compared to the price of a new lock.
Finally, if you get a professional locksmith (which you surely should, so to make sure the job is well done) is extremely quick and easy to perform.

Changing locks

When changing locks, the point is to change the whole lock body. At times, there is no choice and you end up having to change locks because they’re worn out. Other times, changing locks is a matter of aesthetics, accommodation or just preference.
Changing locks is a process that depends a lot on your budget because a new lockset is much more expensive than the key pins you need to pay if you go for rekeying.

Final notes

As should be clear by now, there’s no one answer. To choose between rekeying your lock and changing your lock, there a few aspects you have to consider, such, first, why you need to alter the access to your house and, then, your budget and home security.
After giving this some thought, the best thing to do is to find a locksmith and let him help you. As mentioned previously, it’s best to reach out to a locksmith so the work is done correctly.